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APR 11: Hatfield Restorations Open House and Car Show – Complete

Gas-Station-001Saturday, April 11th, we are going to Hatfield Restorations. Located in Canton, and featuring a 25,000sq. ft. facility; Hatfield Restorations is one of the best and largest restoration facilities in Texas. Everything from fabrication, assembly, painting and upholstery is done in house. Should be a great time! There will be over 200 cars in attendance to walk through and see as well as an up close and personal look into their restorative process. Registration is cheap at $10 per car and this includes 2 lunch tickets. In case you’re worried about your hard earned entrance money going towards Hatfield Restorations’s bottom line, fret not! All proceeds benefit the ABC Room (Children taken out of bad situations). Please stay tuned for updates regarding times and meeting locations. They have this party every year and it’s always well attended. We are looking forward to bringing a few Vipers out to stir things up a little bit. In the meant time, you can check out their web site for some more information and a map by clicking on the picture below.


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