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MAR 27: U.S. Dept. of Treasury Tour/Lunch – Complete

***UPDATE* Changed to 1PM*** Si181_WCFVC-Exteriornce the Vietnam Veterans Reunion Car Show was cancelled, we thought a fun idea to fill the void would be seeing billions of dollars rolling off the press! One of two currency facilities in the country is right here in Fort Worth, TX and they just so happen to offer tours. We plan on meeting at 1:00PM in Fort Worth at the Western Currency Facility and taking the tour together. Visitors can see billions of dollars printed from an enclosed walkway, which is suspended above the production floor! Two floors of interactive exhibits and displays showcasing currency history and the intricate art of currency manufacturing are available before or after the free self-guided tour. The tour includes a high-definition theater film and the Moneyfactory. After the tour we’re going to head out to eat lunch at a place to be decided by us while taking the tour.

So come learn about the production of our currency, hang out with some fellow Viper club members and eat some food. See the link below for more information of the Facility and all it has to offer as well as the rules of what and what not will be allowed inside.

U.S. Dept. of Treasure WTC

9000 Blue Mound Road
Fort Worth TX 76131

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