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Coming off the heels of our March meeting this past Saturday we have a few announcements and some information we wanted to get out there.


As discussed in the meeting, we had some business cards made up for you to pass out to fellow Viper owners you come accross who aren’t a member of the VOA. As an incentive to seek out and find Viper owners who are currently NOT a member of the VOA, the NTVOA has come up with a little competition with a pretty substantial prize. We are awarding you 10 points for each and any new member you assist in signing up. In addition, you will also receive 3.5 points per new member who attends our everyother month meeting (next meeting is in May). The member with the most points will receive a paid registration for two (2) to next years National Viper Event #2 (nve2), valued at around $1400.00! Last years meeting had a huge turn out with some great events. Next year will be even better so you don’t want to miss out on it. In addition to attendance, each attendee is entered into the raffle for a brand new Viper. Odds are better than any other car raffle you may have been involved with.

Vote for the Viper:

Be sure and click on the link and vote for the Viper in The Team to Win Award competition currently underway. Corvette Racing is also in the running, they couldn’t beat us on the track so we shouldn’t let them win here either. Vote now through Friday. Team to Win Award and click on “Riley Motorsports.”

Money Factory Tour:

We added an event for Friday the 27th of March in Fort Worth, TX. Fort Worth is home to only two of the U.S. Dept. of Treasury Currency Facilities in the United States. Please check out the Events section for more details on this get together.


We are still looking for ideas for future meetings, events, fund raisers, socials and whatever else you guys can come up with. This is YOUR club and us board members are here to organize and facilitate your expectations becoming reality so be outspoken! Our cars aren’t quiet so you shouldn’t be either! Let us know what you would like to see. Surveys went out via email last week and as of now we only have had 1 returned, I know can do better than that! Feel free to email Eric or Wayne with any and all ideas.

[email protected] and [email protected]

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The Viper Owners Association (VOA) is an international club for Dodge/SRT Viper owners all around the world. The VOA is the largest and most active Viper Club on the planet and its mission is simply to help Viper owners have a more enjoyable ownership experience. The VOA provides its members with club activities, amazing quarterly magazine, merchandise, vendor discounts, event insurance, a special communication path to the manufacturer, technical information, and a community environment to share Viper passion with other owners.

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