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May 02 NVE3 Las Vegas

EVENT IS SOLD OUT! If you have registered, you will be able to get a hotel room. If you have any issues, please contact VOA administration:

Phone: 888-778-1545 (M-F-8:30 am to 5 pm EST)

Email: [email protected]


NVE3 Las Vegas Information Link

It happens just once every two years… Hundreds of Vipers converge in a special location to enjoy tours, car cruises, parties, track days, dinners, shopping, freebies, and social interaction with other VOA club members from around the world. It is THE event to attend if you are a Viper owner (you must be a current member of the VOA). And this time… we’re taking over Las Vegas!
Join us for (at least) 4 days of Viper partying at NVE3 in May 2018! We’ve created an enjoyable event, with several firsts for our club, and doing things you can’t even do on your own – much less with hundreds of Vipers all around you – it’ll be an experience you’ll never forget. You’ll be in one of the most exciting places on the planet, under the blue skies with perfect weather, at the very best time of year to visit!

Socialize, Cruise, Race, and Tour!
It will be madness… Our welcome reception will be a true first for the club, it’s not just a regular stuffy reception – but a full outdoor beach party! It’ll be a full plated meal with tables/chairs on the sand with music playing under the stars. Yes – a beach, you’ll even have waves lapping the shoreline… We bought out the entire venue, it’s just us, and you’ll have to see to believe! The track day we’ve planned will be over-the-top, both for novices and experts. We’ve rented out the entire Las Vegas Motor Speedway! Oh yes – we’re going to do a full road course, the complete high speed oval, and what could end up as the biggest autocross ever done! We’ll be splitting our group so that everyone gets a full day of track, with little congestion.
We will also do some touring as we have a special Hoover Dam tour arranged for our club where you’ll see it not only from the outside, but also from within… On another day, we have a mega car cruise that the entire club will participate in all at the same time, it’ll stretch Vipers for miles and will take us through the spectacular Red Rock Canyon (imagine those photos)!

Party Like A Rock Star
We’re not done yet! After some incredible work and negotiating, the club is going to host an astounding house party… at Wayne Newton’s house! This is for real. We have bought out Mr. Las Vegas’s entire personal estate just for the club! We will have full access to his actual mansion, all of his horse stables (60 horses!), his exotic animal farm, his museum/cars, and even access to enter his personal jet on the estate. He’s also opening his boyhood home to us. We’ve arranged a massive outdoor lunch on his estate lawn. No simple box lunch here, we have a very nice meal planned under the open skies. This is 50+ acres of insanity, and if we’re lucky, we may even have a VERY special celebrity guest… fingers crossed!
And we’re going to end it in style! We of course planned a big grand finale banquet on the last day with cocktail hour, vendor displays, a great meal, auctions, shopping, entertainment, crazy centerpiece giveaway, and reveal the NVE4 location!
It sounds like a packed itinerary, but our schedule will actually be fairly relaxed, with plenty of time to meet with your friends and explore Vegas. You WILL remember this event for years to come!

Live Large At Our Home Base
We’re rolling out the red carpet for the NVE3 host hotel. We’re staying on the main strip itself at NVE’s first ever 5-star hotel – The Delano! These will be the best hotel rooms you may ever see for an NVE (and we’ve negotiated a VERY affordable rate). Even our parking is 5-star, as we’ve contracted a separate area of the garage just for the club. We’ll also have 3rd party security on bicycles planned to provide 24-hour physical surveillance dedicated just for us. We’ve even planned smaller details like car wash and detail space.
And as always, the VOA store will be on hand – and will be even bigger than last time. We’ll also have great vendors and club sponsors joining us for your browsing pleasure. Oh, and of course we have a very special free present for everyone… but it won’t be a little goodie bag with typical “car club dollar trinkets”, we have created serious custom gifts for both the guys and the gals!

Get Registered Now!
And… what if we told you that this will not only be one of the BEST national event ever thrown by any Viper club in history, but also among the least expensive? It’s true, we’ve lowered the price of NVE by nearly $160/person! The early bird registration cost is now only $539 for Mamba members and $639 for standard members (you must register by Dec 31st for these special rates). We’ll even have free early bird registration raffles with some SERIOUS free gifts and upgrades… After Jan 1, the price goes up $100. We’re able to offer this value because 100% of all revenue from NVE3 registration, sponsorships, and advertising goes solely to the event and its participants. And thanks to all of our volunteers who plan and run the event, all that money goes toward activities and goodies for this extravagant multi-day gathering. There is no other club, Viper or otherwise, that throws this level of gathering for such a small and exclusive group.
You excited now? We know you are, and we’re excited to host you. Click on the other tabs above to view the complete detailed schedule, hotel details, car shipping options, and FAQ. Then, join the biggest Viper gathering on the planet, by clicking the ignition below to register.
People talk about these events for years to come, they are memories you just can’t create yourself. So don’t be envious, be “NVE’d”! Vipers will invade Las Vegas, that place will never be the same again!

To register by phone you can call VOA HQ at (888) 778-1545 (M-F-8:30 am to 5 pm EST)

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